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the best production jobs ever Empty the best production jobs ever

Post by ladykiller on Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:41 am

1. Ocean Planet
2. Backbone
3. From The Sky
4. Unicorn
5. Where Dragons Dwell
6. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
7. Flying Whales
8. In The Wilderness
9. World To Come
10. From Mars
11. To Sirius
12. Global Warming

First off, these guys are French. Normally this would be a tragedy. However, they also play metal which becomes, in fact, a blessing. France puts out quality metal act after quality metal act and Gojira are no exception. In fact they seem to be the rule. This is not thier first release and I hope it's not their last. They have a definite Meshuggah vibe going on, but in all honesty I prefer this album to nearly all Meshuggah however (Destroy Erase Improve tops it...barely...). The greatest part about this band is the rhythmic preciseness of it. Every note that should be there is there, at the exact time it should be there. The sections are predictable but in a good way, you look forward to the transition and when it finally hits, you can't believe how good it feels. The vocals range from a mid level growl to very gruff singing (almost Mastodon like). This album also show cases one of the best production jobs ever. Slap on some high quality headphones and jam the **** out. GET INTO IT

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