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Post by gaunpro on Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:37 am

Sport Fishing Puerto Vallarta

More than just billfish inhabit these waters and fishing Puerto Vallarta can put you in the middle of a fight with a reckless, leaping Dorado. These incredibly fast fish often travel in schools and can bring fast and consistent action to your Puerto Vallarta fishing charter.
Roosterfish are a game fish that almost guarantee sore muscles and we frequently encounter this species on our Puerto Vallarta fishing trips. On one of our trips, fishing Puerto Vallarta for roosterfish, a client caught a 53-pounder that was almost six feet long!
Jack Crevalle makes shorter Puerto Vallarta fishing trips just as thrilling as offshore trips, with fast action and hard fighting from these smaller, yet unrelenting, fish. Fishing Puerto Vallarta for Jack Crevalle is fun for families and groups alike as schooling fish make for some unparalleled action.
If you’re looking for some incredible bottom fishing on your Puerto Vallarta fishing charter you will not be disappointed. Huge grouper and red snapper up to 40-pounds will put a strain on any gear, and any angler, while fishing Puerto Vallarta. These are some of the best eating fish in the ocean, and plentiful fish means everyone gets a chance at reeling in a lunker.
Call Fish in PV today to arrange your adventure, and see why people travel to Puerto Vallarta from all over the world for a chance to fish our waters.

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